An integrated knowledge database dedicated to ncRNAs, especially lncRNAs.

Update News

What's New :

  1. Oct. 2020:
    Added lncRNAs expression profiles of Oryza sativa

  2. Aug. 2020:
    Upload the data to mysql

  3. Jul. 2020:
    Collecting RNAseq datasets of multi-tissues in plants .

  4. Jul. 2020:
    Intergating multi-source data of lncRNA and preparing reference files for lncRNA identification .

  5. Jun. 2020:
    Data are being analyed.

  6. Jun. 2020:
    Data are collected from studies published between 22 June 2017 and June 30 in 2020.

  7. May. 2020:
    Constructed pipeline for analyzing noncing RNA of plant.

  8. Apr. 2020:
    Collected plant noncoding RNA from literature and other database.

  9. Mar. 2020:
    Collected records from new literature.

  10. 6 Sep 2017:
    NONCODE has updated to NONCODEv5. NONCODE2016 website has been moved to

  11. 6 Apr 2017:
    NONCODE has been maintained for several days.

  12. 23 Dec 2016:
    New Species pig was added to NONCODE.

  13. 31 Aug 2015:
    NONCODE were update to the fifth version. Web pages were completly new designed.

  14. 26 Aug 2015:
    Disease relation were added to the annotation. Users can browse the relative mutation or literature.

  15. 15 Aug 2015:
    Conservation information were added to description of lncRNA genes. One can get the counterparts of any human lncRNA gene in 11 other species.

  16. 31 Jul 2015 :
    Literature data about lncRNA since 1 June 2015 were collect by NONCODE. Six new species were added.

  17. 25 June 2015:
    To be consistent with the newest data of RefSeq, Ensembl, GENCODE and lncRNAdb, NONCODE updated data and changed the human assembly to hg38, mouse to mm10.

  18. 25 Dec 2014:
    Add the mouse lncRNA gtf format file to download center.

  19. 15 Dec 2014:
    Add MD5 value to every file of download center.

  20. 26 Nov 2014:
    To ensure the rat data quality,6764 genes and 29421 transcripts have been deleted ,the other genes and transcripts have been verified.

  21. 18 Aug 2014:
    Rat data has been added to the download page of NONCODEv4.

  22. 8 Jul 2014:
    We found there were some inconsistance between transcripts sequences and bed files. We modified the transcripts sequences according to bed files.

  23. 24 May 2014:
    Rat noncode data was added. There are altogether 60253 rat transcripts and 32319 genes in NONCODEv4.

  24. 28 Mar 2014:
    To ensure the database quality,1966 genes and 2841 transcripts have been deleted ,150 genes have been modified and 20 genes have been added.